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Rosemarie Bryson CFR, BHSAI

Rosemarie holding a puppyBefore starting my animal minding and behavior venture in 2006 I had worked on the business side of the equestrian industry for a number of years. My true passion was calling me though when I decided to take a more hands on approach with the animals looking after their physical and psychological needs in the absence of their owners.

My main interest is animal psychology and particularly dog psychology and I am an avid follower of Cesar Millan as well as Jan Fennell, John Rogerson, Steven Applebaum and more. By understanding our animals needs we can provide both them and ourselves with a more balanced life together.

Two black Setter-Collies enjoying the sunine

Pippa & Ali, my own two dogs, are my dog psychology teachers. As is every other dog that I have had the privilege to welcome into my home.

Pippa & Ali were sixteen week old Setter / Collie crosses with lots of energy when I rescued them.

You know the scene: digging the back garden, chewing everything in sight, jumping up on everyone, barking madly etc.

Little did I know that the problem was simply that their needs were just not being met. What they needed was firstly exercise, then rules, boundaries and limitations, and lastly affection.

Today they are happy balanced dogs who welcome into their home all the doggie guests that come to stay and to play!

Often people ask me why dogs are so calm around me but it’s as much to do with how calm I am around the dogs as dogs reflect our energy. And the answer I believe is that I am a yoga teacher and practice yoga every day. Read more about my yoga classes on →