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Kildare Pet Services: Caring for your pet with love and respect
 Rosemarie Bryson - Richardstown, Clane, Co. Kildare
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Home Boarding

Are you fed up coaxing family and friends to mind your dog? Can’t imagine the thought of leaving him locked up in a kennels while you are off enjoying yourself?
Leave him in a real home where he will be welcomed as part of the family.

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Dog Behaviour

Do you sit on the hard chair while your dog takes the comfortable couch? Does he jump all over you when you arrive home? Does he tow you along while out walking? You don’t allow the people in your life to behave like this so why allow your dog?

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Pet Sitting

Would your dog be happier in his own home environment while you are away, perhaps he has special needs. Or maybe you have lots of pets – cats, horses, hens, rabbits …?
Then my Pet Sitting Service could be just the thing for you.

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